6 January 2020


 January 6, 2020
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Non-destructive testing (NDT) services are provided to many industries. It is the process of testing components for discontinuities without destroying it. UltraScan provides our services to the marine and engineering industry.


We are determined to satisfy our clients’ needs with all our NDT services. UltraScan believes in openly communicating with our clients in order to obtain a clear understanding of their wants and needs. Our NDT services are provided to you with the greatest efficiency and the highest quality. Our services conform to the quality system and we practice according to international safety standards.

Many methods

At UltraScan, we use many methods of NDT testing for various components. Our team will decide on the most suitable style of testing and use this to determine if there are any discontinuities within the components. Our NDT services include ultrasonic testing, radiographic testing, visual inspection, material hard metal testing and many more. These tests can be performed on several components and materials.

Inspections for Various Components

NDT services can be used for many elements. These UltraScan services are provided to the marine and engineering industries to test various materials such as steel, iron and aluminium. In the marine industry the services are used to test the condition hull structure, calibration of anchor chains, detection of weld flaws, and much more. In the engineering industry the tests are done on various plant elements to determine their quality and whether they need to be repaired.  

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