QA/QC Inspection Consultancy

Welding Inspection & Quality  Assurance/Control  Inspection

1. Welding Inspection Services
  • Writing and Preparing Preliminary Welding Procedures (pWPS)
  • Writing and Preparing Welding Procedures (WPS)
  • Procedure Qualification Testing (PQR)
  • Welder’s Performance Qualification Testing (WQT)
  • Welder Certification (ASME IX, BS EN ISO 9606-1, AWS D1.1 etc.)
  • 3rd-Party Visual Inspection of Welded Structures
  • Authorized Inspection Authority (A.I.A.) Services – Lloyds Register EMEA
  • New Projects
  • In-service Asset Equipment

Welding Inspection ServicesOil & Gas Industry – Pipelines & Vessels
Power Generation – Turbine Components
Sugar Industry – Machinery, Components & Boilers
Pulp & Paper Industry – Machinery, Components & Boilers
Petro-Chemical Industry – Machinery, Components & Boilers
General Engineering – Components
Manufacturing & Fabrication – Pressure Vessels & Boilers

2. Compilation of Quality Control Plans (QCP)
  • Review of Contractor’s Isometric Drawings
  • Identification & Verification of Material against Material Certificates
  • Check Contractor’s Welding Procedure Specification Doc. for approval
  • Check Welder Qualification Certificates for approval
  • Check Weld Joint Fit-Up Dimensions prior to Welding
  • Monitor welding operation, ensuring compliance with W.P.S.
  • Visual examination on completed weld joints
  • Radiographic Testing (R.T.) on all weld joints
  • Ultrasonic Testing (U.T.) on all weld joints
  • Liquid Dye Penetrant (P.T.) on all socket & branch fillet welds
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) on all weld joints
  • Monitoring & Witnessing of Hydrostatic or Pneumatic Pressure testing
  • Monitor Painting Operation & Inspect Final Corrosion Protection Coatings in accordance with relevant Spec.
  • Final Acceptance – Sign off and release to Client