A look at different types of damage a ship can sustain

12 March 2020


 March 12, 2020
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Ships can sustain a lot of damage due to the harsh environments that they are used in. They are prone to various forms of fatigue and failure which is dangerous to the safety of the individuals on board the ship. Read about the different types of damage a ship can sustain below:


A ship can sustain damage such as corrosion. The ship sits in the water all day making it a prime target for corrosive damage to take place. Corrosion can be found on all areas of the ship, due to water coming over the sides and the moisture, but it is most likely to be noticed on the ship’s hull and propeller. If the corrosion is not repaired, it can affect the integrity of the ship and the ships structure may be breached.

Bearing failures

The boiler bearings of ships with white metal bearings are prone to failure. These white metal bearings can sustain damage due to a rise in temperature. The white metal can also crack due to insufficient bonding of the shell. There are many other types of bearing failures that can occur such as fretting, wiping and more. Testing can take place on high-risk areas like this in order to prevent any damage from occurring.

Surface cracks

Surface cracks can develop for a variety of reasons such as bearing failures, corrosion, warping, load conditions and more. If the ship and its parts are not inspected for cracks, the damage will worsen, causing further damage to the ship.