Aviation NDT: Improving flight safety with cutting-edge inspection solutions

22 February 2021


 February 22, 2021
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The primary concern of all aviation organisations is to maintain the safety of their pilots, passengers and crew when they are in the air, as well as when they are on the ground. In order to ensure flight safety for these individuals, airlines regularly perform inspections on all aircraft components using NDT solutions. Read all about the cutting-edge inspection solutions used to improve flight safety below:

Commercial aircraft

Commercial aircraft are some of the biggest aircraft in the aviation industry. For this fact, including that these aircraft are frequently used, they generally receive the most NDT in the industry. Ultrasonic testing and eddy current testing are two methods that are commonly used on these aircraft; however, there are many others that are used.


The wheels of all aircrafts undergo excessive force during landing, which is why they need frequent inspections. In the past, the preferred method of inspection for wheels was liquid penetrant testing as it is suitable for detecting surface cracks and other issues; however, this technique was too slow. In current times, the preferred method of testing for wheels is eddy current testing due to its accuracy, portability and speed.


When an aircraft is in flight, one of its most important features is its propeller’s. These propellers are generally manufactured with the use of alloys or composites. Using electromagnetic energy, the eddy current testing method is highly efficient when working with alloys. On the other hand, ultrasonic testing is the best choice when it comes to testing composites.