What Is Butt Weld Testing, And why Should I Be Concerned?

26 April 2017


 April 26, 2017
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To form a greater understanding of the concept of butt weld testing, you first need to familiarise yourself with exactly what butt welding is. This term refers to a welding technique used to connect parts which are nearly parallel and don’t overlap.

It can be used to run a processing machine continuously, instead of requiring the restart of a machine with a new supply of metals. This is an economical and dependable way of joining parts without using any other components. Butt weld testing is used to identify the condition affecting short term reliability of components, and identifying immediate remedial maintenance needs. It is used in many different industries, including:

• Oil and gas;
• Petro-chemical;
• Transport and refrigeration; and
• Manufacturing and energy, to name a few.

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