Here’s Why Magnetic Particle Testing Should Be Left to the Professionals

23 February 2018


 February 23, 2018
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What Is Magnetic Particle Testing, and Why Should You Leave it to The Professionals?

NDT processes are essential for South African businesses from all sectors of the economy. Magnetic particle testing forms part of the non-destructive testing process, used for detecting surface and shallow subsurface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials including cobalt, nickel, iron and various denominations of their alloys.

It’s an important process, and since it doesn’t require the degree of surface preparation needed by other non-destructive test methods, conducting magnetic particle testing is relatively easy and fast to perform. It’s because of this, among other reasons, that it has grown to become one of the more commonly used NDE techniques.

This fairly simple process comes with two variations, with the first one being the dry magnetic particle testing, and the second one being wet magnetic particle testing. In either of these processes, it starts by running a magnetic current through the component. It’s then that any defects or cracks in the material will interrupt the current or flow, causing magnetism to spread out from them. It then creates a flux leakage field at the site of the damage.

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