How certain NDT methods support Gas Turbine Engine Maintenance and Inspection

14 December 2020


 December 14, 2020
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Gas turbine engine maintenance and inspection is necessary in order to identify various issues with the machinery; however, simple maintenance techniques are not enough to uncover all flaws within the machine. Thankfully, there are a few NDT methods that can be used to effectively detect flaws and enhance the maintenance process. Read all about how certain NDT methods support gas turbine engine maintenance and inspection below:

Liquid penetrant testing

The very first NDT method that was used to support gas turbine engine maintenance and inspection is liquid penetrant testing. This is a highly efficient means of discovering defects on the surface of the gas turbine engine; however, it is not useful in revealing deeper flaws which is not ideal.

Eddy Current testing

Eddy current array (ECA) a form of eddy current testing, is a great NDT method to use to support the maintenance and inspection of gas turbine engines. This is due to the fact that ECA helps collect more data in a quicker manner, streamlining the entire inspection process and ensuring that the entire gas turbine is inspected and that no flaws go undetected. 

Ultrasonic testing

An enhanced version of ultrasonic testing can be used to support gas turbine engine maintenance and inspection. This NDT method is known as phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT). PAUT allows for a more detailed display of the internal layout within the gas turbine engine as it enhances the depth of focus and enables multiples probing angles that ensures no area of the engine goes uninspected. 

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