How to perform quality control testing for sugar manufacturers

19 March 2020


 March 19, 2020
Category: Blog

The sugar industry is the last industry that you’d expect to need welding tests, but sugar manufacturers use many pieces of industrial equipment in order to complete the sugar making process. This industry is huge and there are several pieces of equipment that require quality control testing. Here’s how to perform quality control testing for sugar manufacturers:


Quality control testing can be performed by monitoring the welding process. Sugar manufacturers use a variety of welded equipment from the fields all the way to the factory. They need these welds to be of a high standard to ensure that they are strong enough to hold the product and perform their tasks without malfunctioning. While monitoring, the project managers will ensure that the weld is completed to all weld specifications.


The welds for the sugar manufacturer equipment are then examined for any discontinuities. The first type of quality control testing that the welds will undergo is visual. The welds will be looked at from a visual perspective to determine if they are of a high quality. If no flaws are found, NDT testing methods will be used to determine if there are any flaws within the weld.


The painting must then be completed for the equipment. Quality control is performed by monitoring the process and inspecting the final product. The painting and corrosion protection coatings will need to be performed in accordance with the specifications of the industry, in this case, the sugar industry.

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