Improving train wheel inspection efficiency with eddy current array

16 March 2021


 March 16, 2021
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Train wheels need to be able to withstand high levels of stress and pressure, so it is imperative that they undergo extensive testing to ensure that they do not have any flaws that could affect their performance. Non-destructive testing methods are the preferred choice of testing for train wheels because they allow the detection of the smallest defects in a quick and efficient manner. Of these methods, eddy current array is the one that is improving train wheel inspection efficiency and here’s why:


The equipment used for eddy current arrays is portable, making it a much more convenient to use than most other non-destructive testing methods. Other methods may require continuous access to a power source while being used which can be incredibly challenging when performing train wheel inspection. The portability of eddy current array equipment is also a huge reason why this method is one of the quickest.

Speed and efficiency

As we mentioned already, the portability of eddy current array equipment makes this method for train wheel inspection a much quicker option. However, the speed of eddy current arrays is also quick due to the fact that there is no need for any pre-inspection surface preparation. This reduces the time that it takes to start the train wheel inspection process. The fact that the equipment is portable and does not need to be plugged into a power source is another reason that this non-destructive testing technique is highly efficient.


When we say flexibility, we mean it in a literal sense. The probes used for eddy current array testing are incredibly flexible, allowing them to work along the wheel easily without the need to remove the wheel while it is being inspected.