Why You Need Professional Inspection MP Testing

25 May 2017


 May 25, 2017
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There are so many reasons why your business needs professional magnetic particle inspection, or inspection MPI testing. You don’t even need to think far and wide as to what some of the many incredible advantages are, but if you still need some convincing, take the following into account:

• It’s quick and relatively uncomplicated;
• It provides immediate indications of any defects;
• It illustrates surface and near surface defects, as these are some of the most serious ones since they concentrate stresses;
• It’s a rather inexpensive form of testing, compared to other methods such as radiography; and
• Small and large objects can be examined with ease.

These are only a few of the many benefits behind expert inspection MPI testing solutions. You also don’t need to perform elaborate pre-cleaning before the inspection can take place, which also only further adds to its convenience.

Choose UltraScan for Expert Inspection MPI Testing Solutions

If you are in search of a reliable service provider of expert inspection MPI testing solutions, you’ve found one. Our history of excellent service dates back to 1982, and we continue to work hard to raise the standards of excellence in our industry even further. Since our inception, we’ve worked with some of the largest businesses in various industries, including the power generation, marine ship repair, fabrication and manufacturing and petro-chemical sectors, to name a few.

We are renowned for our level of expertise and attention to detail, and our commitment to excellence is clearly evident in all we do. Let us help you take your business into the future, and provide you with all the information needed to make an informed business decision. Our team is always at hand to provide you with the great service and advice you’d expect from an industry leader.

All our QA/QC inspection and non-destructive testing services are performed in compliance with accepted international best practices. To learn more about us, and to find out how our company can be of value to yours, speak to us today. We look forward to working with you to take your business to the next level.

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