An Overview of Non Destructive Testing and Techniques, Including Inspection MPI Testing

23 October 2017


 October 23, 2017
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Here’s What You Should Know About Inspection MPI Testing

Non destructive testing is the process of analysing assets, but doing so in a way which won’t damage or degrade them in any way. Principles such as electromagnetics, acoustics and ultrasonic, among others, are used in order to gain information about the asset, without causing any damage.

Inspection MPI testing is a non destructive testing process designed for detecting surface and slightly surface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials including nickel, cobalt, iron and a few of their alloys. This process places a magnetic field into the part. The piece can be magnetised by indirect or direct magnetisation.

Of course, this intricate process should always be performed by seasoned industry professionals. Never compromise in the quality of your inspection testing service provider, and only opt to partner with a company with a track record of excellence in the industry. By doing so, you can have full confidence in the results of the tests.

Partner with UltraScan for Expert Inspection MPI Testing

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