Ultrasonic Inspection – UltraScan’s Non-Invasive Inspection Of Materials And Components

19 January 2017


 January 19, 2017
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Ultrasonic inspection or testing (UT) is a suite of non-destructive testing techniques by which measurement is taken of ultrasonic waves into and through components or materials being tested. Commonly, very short ultrasonic pulse-waves with centre frequencies between 0.1-15 MHz, and occasionally up to 50 MHz, are transmitted into test objectives to detect internal flaws such as corrosion, densities and strengths, or simply to catalogue or map materials.

UltraScan’s Ultrasonic Inspection – Unlocking Your Industrial And Marine Facilities’ Secrets

UltraScan’s ultrasonic inspection technologies provide you with wall thicknesses on pipes, vessels and other components in accordance with the applicable methods and compliance and/or quality standards. It is also used for flaw detection on forgings, casings and “fingerprinting” of shaft conditions, accumulating and providing historical contexts for current data. Bonds and welds can also be tested as well as friction rates and extents of bearings and other moving/rotating parts.

Finally, it is used for leak detection. In a marine context, this is especially critical for measurement of hull thicknesses, hatch cover tightness testing, more effective than the traditional flood test and measurement of cable tensions in anchor chains. Testing equipment is portable, allowing UltraScan access to the most inhospitable areas of marine vessels. Again ultrasonic “fingerprinting” is used to build up a history of data for maintenance programme contexts. Once again, ultrasound friction testing of drives and propellers and other components of ship drive systems, as well as other motor components on them is invaluable information for effective planned maintenance programmes.

You can this be well-assured that, in commissioning testing programmes with UltraScan, you will develop an evaluating relationship with us that will make maintenance activity much easier, both in the planning and the execution. With decades of training, skill and experience together with up-to-date and fastidiously calibrated testing equipment, you can be comforted that your maintenance and repair data from UltraScan is of the best quality and entirely dependable.


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