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Oil & Gas

QA/QC Inspection Services for new projects & in-service inspection of existing asset equipment


WPS & WQT / Test Laboratory FacilitiesWPS & WQT / Test Laboratory Facilities 1

WPS & WQT / Test Laboratory Facilities

UltraScan can assist with Welding Procedure Specification and/or Welder Qualification Testing in accordance with various Specification Codes (e.g. ASME IX, BS EN ISO 9606-1) and offers Destructive Testing & Metallurgical Consultancy Services.




Magnetic Particle (MPI) crack detection testing. Fluorescent or colour-contrast methods




Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Testing (UTM) In-service Inspection & Flaw Detection Testing (UT)




Dye Penetrant Testing (PT) – Surface opening Flaw Detection Testing

 Radiographic Film EvaluationRadiographic Film Evaluation1

Radiographic Film Evaluation

Welding Inspectors interpreting x-ray films to evaluate weld quality in accordance with relevant Specification Codes


NDT on ShipsNDT on Ships 1

NDT on Ships
  • Anchor Chain Calibrations
  • MPI Inspection on Weld Joints associated with Steel Renewal of Hull Shell Plating
  • Various NDT testing on Components associated with the Main Engine / Propulsion System


NDT on ShipsNDT on Ships1

NDT on Ships

Ultrasonic Hull Thickness Measurements (UTM) in typical Ballast Tank (Owner’s Condition Survey).


Hatch Cover Tightness Testing on Ships1Hatch Cover Tightness Testing on Ships

Hatch Cover Tightness Testing on Ships

Ultrasonic testing on Hatch Cover (rubber seals and compression bar) to determine the water tightness

Reports and Certification

Reports & Certification

UltraScan prides itself in producing well-presented, concise, and accurate inspection & test reports, customized to meet our clients’ specific requirements.