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Oil & Gas

QA/QC Inspection Services for new projects & in-service inspection of existing asset equipment


WPS & WQT / Test Laboratory FacilitiesWPS & WQT / Test Laboratory Facilities 1

WPS & WQT / Test Laboratory Facilities

UltraScan can assist with Welding Procedure Specification and/or Welder Qualification Testing in accordance with various Specification Codes (e.g. ASME IX, BS EN ISO 9606-1) and offers Destructive Testing & Metallurgical Consultancy Services.




Magnetic Particle (MPI) crack detection testing. Fluorescent or colour-contrast methods




Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Testing (UTM) In-service Inspection & Flaw Detection Testing (UT)




Dye Penetrant Testing (PT) – Surface opening Flaw Detection Testing

 Radiographic Film EvaluationRadiographic Film Evaluation1

Radiographic Film Evaluation

Welding Inspectors interpreting x-ray films to evaluate weld quality in accordance with relevant Specification Codes


NDT on ShipsNDT on Ships 1

NDT on Ships
  • Anchor Chain Calibrations
  • MPI Inspection on Weld Joints associated with Steel Renewal of Hull Shell Plating
  • Various NDT testing on Components associated with the Main Engine / Propulsion System


NDT on ShipsNDT on Ships1

NDT on Ships

Ultrasonic Hull Thickness Measurements (UTM) in typical Ballast Tank (Owner’s Condition Survey).


Reports and Certification

Reports & Certification

UltraScan prides itself in producing well-presented, concise, and accurate inspection & test reports, customized to meet our clients’ specific requirements.